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New LPG Prices: How Much You Pay for Non-Subsidized LPG Cylinders

LPG Gas Cylinder Price

Non-Subsidized LPG prices have been increased by around 50% in metros in six revisions since August. Indian Oil Corporation consumers in Delhi and Mumbai currently have to shell out Rs 858.5 per cylinder (14.2kgs) and Rs 829.5 per cylinder respectively for non-subsidized LPG (cooking gas) refills under brand Indane.

Last week, the LPG price increased by Rs 144.5 per cylinder and Rs 145 per cylinder (in metros). According to the data from Indian Oil Corporation, this is the sharpest hike in the national capital since January 4, 2014.

New LPG Prices

The new LPG Prices has been increased by a cumulative Rs 284 per cylinder in Delhi and Rs 2833 per cylinder in Mumbai so far, since August it rises 49.43% and 51.78% respectively.

Non-Subsidized LPG Prices in Four Metros

Metro Cities LPG Price (for 14.2kg cylinder) LPG Price (for 19kg cylinder)
Delhi Rs 858.50 Rs 1466.00
Kolkata Rs 896.00 Rs 1540.50
Mumbai Rs 829.50 Rs 1416.00
Chennai Rs 881.00 Rs 1589.50

The government currently subsidizes 12 cylinders of 14.2 kilograms each per household in a year. The consumer must make any complementary purchases at the Indane gas market price.

The amount of subsidy provided by the government (on 12 cylinders per year) varies from month to month. Factors such as changes in the international average benchmark LPG prices and foreign exchange rates determine the subsidy amount. Users can check here for updates on the Indian market.

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